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Preparing you for the future

Meyer Financial Advisors is a financial advisory firm focusing on asset allocation, family wealth planning and investment selections that are best suited to each family's individual needs. We also work with families on individual projects including divorce financial planning, death and other financial situations. We understand that today's market and economic outlook can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Our focus is to learn about your individual family objectives, make a plan to help you achieve those objectives and explain how and what we are doing in a way that everyone can understand.


We provide a variety of services to help with all aspects of the family's financial well being. As a fee-only advisory firm, we do not take commissions on trading. Our fees are clear and easy to understand and we work to minimize the total cost paid by our clients.

  • Financial Planning

  • Asset Allocation

  • Retirement Planning

  • Divorce Financial Planning

  • Projects

  • Family Office Services


Divorce financial planning is complex. We work with couples, individuals, attorneys and mediators through our sister company Meyer Financial Counseling, LLC. We have the experience you will need to work through the tough financial questions you are sure to have as you go through this process. There are no hidden fees or pressure to leave assets in our financial planning group. We work for you and will be right beside you through the entire process.

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The Path to Success

At Meyer Financial Advisors, our first step is to sit down with our client for a conversation. Our goal is to get a complete and clear picture of who you are and where you stand with your current family and financial situation. We discuss your family, short and long term financial goals as well as future plans for upcoming events. Are you planning and saving enough for retirement, saving for upcoming college expenses, wanting to purchase a second home or take early retirement? Where do you stand in relation to those goals and what is the best way to get there. We want to get a strong sense of your risk profile, both what you are able to tolerate as well as what you can tolerate related to your financial goals. A careful review of your entire current portfolio helps our team determine the feasibility of meeting your goals and gives us the information we need to structure your portfolio to meet those goals.


Single Projects Focused on a Specific Goal

In addition to long term financial advice, the firm also does project work on specific issues, including divorce, death and other unexpected financial issues and burdens. Projects can range from a few hours to a few months of advice and counsel.

Credit Assessment


Expert Guidance

We do not focus on active management of our clients' portfolios. Instead, we focus on the correct asset allocation to maximize your return and reduce your risk. Our focus is on selecting the right products and asset classes to meet your goals at the lowest possible expense to you. Diversification is our focus, both domestically as well as internationally. Our goal is not to pick the next big thing but ensure that you meet your objectives. 



A penny saved is a penny earned

Are you saving enough for retirement? Read the popular press and most of the latest research and it shows that most are not saving enough. We will review your current savings rates, dig into what you will actually need and make recommendations for changes you should make to ensure you have enough when the time comes for you to retire, be it part-time retirement or full time and even early retirement. We can help you decide what to do with your different 401(k) plans, insurance annuities and IRA accounts to help keep it simple and still meet your financial goals. We make it so work can become optional for our clients.

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A Comprehensive Approach

Making major purchases or other financial decisions can be overwhelming. It isn't everyday you buy a house, a car, investment property or other large dollar asset. We help review the reasons for the purchase, options on how to pay for the asset and the best manner to handle it going forward. We even provide the services needed to ensure the transaction is done correctly and timely.


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Meyer Financial Advisors, Inc. | Los Altos, CA

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Joel Meyer, Founder and CEO

Joel worked in the investment industry in Chicago for ten years before moving his family to the Bay Area and taking over the CEO position of a software company focused on the education space. Joel grew the business into a multi-national software-as-a-service education platform which was acquired by a major private equity firm. During this period, Joel continued advising friends and family on investments and retirement. Today, Joel is focusing his time exclusively on helping individuals, families and high net-worth individuals plan for the future. When not working, he spends his free time coaching his three kids' sports teams, volunteering as the school's PTA treasurer and fitting in mountain biking and hiking wherever possible.

Joel has an MBA from The University of Chicago and is a Chartered Financial Analyst(™) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst(™).

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